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March 19, 2011 remember my name (remember, remember, remember) That was for you Tonia!!

I do this lame thing where I close my eyes when we're getting close to the block (when Loz drives that is) building up the suspense like a kid of Christmas Day.  When we pulled up our driveway, this was waiting for us!

Come on in
Front bedrooms
Master sliding door - floating feature wall to come.
Theatre with lovely lowered feature window
Theatre entry.  Those with a keen eye will notice the standard door height.  Hmmm.  "Hello SS".
The dream kitchen with dead sexy splashback window.
View from the back yard.  If you look closely you can see where our corner stacker doors will be :)
My Dad, God love him, stopped by to check out the carpenter's handy work.  They got to chatting (yep, he's in the building trade and is a qualified inspector) and he's incredibly impressed by Carlisle, and our chippie in particular.  Says he's a true craftsman who takes pride in his work.  This makes me :)

Dad's so in love with our slab, that I wouldn't be surprised if he has a photo of it in his wallet.  Thanks Dad for looking out for your little girl. xx

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Debra said...

Yes, I can see it all....running thru rooms were we?

Love the lowered window in Theatre and Corner Stacker. Bet their working tomorrow.

Dad is a good card up your sleeve.

Reinsey said...

More like jumping up and down pogo-stick style. Too exciting Deb.

If I'm able to get down tomorrow and they are working, is it rude of me to bring up the 2 errors v plans? Or should I wait to speak to SS on Monday?

Debra said...

I'd casually question the height of the two doors in Theatre with Carpenters - after all Carlisle caused you some grief with them. They could possibly have an old plan.
What is number 2?

If only speak to SS - no question is a silly question, it's your house and tells him your watching.

Reinsey said...

#2 is the large niche in the entry. He's built a full wall there and braced it. I wouldn't imagine this would be done and then effectively carve the niche out of it. It's supposed to be like a bulkhead effect into the corner rather than just a cut out niche like we have x2 on the other side of the entry way.

If Carpenter has old plan, do you reckon I can claim the $500 PCV fee back??? (just kidding)

Debra said...

I recall our kitchen bulkhead was last to be constructed seperately and then put in position.
Don't hold back being inquisitive.

Hey, we paid premium for brickwork over garage - don't recall asking for a crooked one!!

Tonia said...

Remember my gona live gona learn how to fly...high...i feel it coming together...Reinsey will see me and gona make it to handover...light up the avenue with a gona live forever...Reinsey remember my name...remember...remember...remember...remember...LOL

Shayne said...


Looking great! I wouldnt hold back on just politely asking about the errors ;) Mentioning now could save time later - as I have learnt (wish I'd spoken up about a number if things along our build which created small delays later..)

Your Dad is indeed a gem! Lucky girl :)

Reinsey said...

Yay Tonia...I knew you'd be there with me. Much improved lyrics on the original :)

Reinsey said...

I'll take your advice Deb & shayne, although I REALLY don't feel comfortable about it. Hate it when people with no idea tell me how to do my job!!!

Now I'm dying to go back down again and see if they're working today. Why oh why did we build so far away from where we live???

Tonia said...

you know my answer to that...get off ur bum..get into the car..and get down there now!! haha

Debra said...

Just got home Reinsey - no-one today....and your not telling them how to do their job - just intrigued how they put together.

Fancy telling Tonia how far you live!!

Janine Kimberley said...

Absolutely tell them now it will save time later - and yes I would question that $500. it's your house after all!!!! Heading down there shortly will report further if we see any further action! Great song lyrics Tonia - you may have missed your calling.

Tash said...

What a beautiful frame it is, gosh things seem to move so quickly once you get to site, or maybe it just seems that way because of all the waiting we are made to do before hand ;) Oh definatly say something Reinsey they will probaly thank you because at least now they will be able to fix it rather then having to come back later!!

kysbigadventure said...

The one thing I have learnt is that it is better to ask early than to leave it too late. If it is an error and you leave it for to long it will put your build behind when all the work has to be undone. They are used to it and you will probably find they will appreciate it in the long run if you are saving them work.

Your lucky you have a chippie who takes pride in his work. Some think it won't be seen so it doesn't matter.

Can't wait to see it progress. Stacking corner doors, lurv lurv, lurv. It's going to be a beautiful house.

Reinsey said...

I'm happy to report that my SS was totally fantastic about it and appreciated the 'heads up' on the 2 little issues we had with the frame. He was planning on going straight down to the site to check it against plans.
Very impressed :)

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