Avenue Anniversary

March 22, 2011

It's around 12 months ago that the first stages of our estate titled, so I thought I'd do a little tribute in its honour.  Watching this all grow from paddock to a thriving little community has been a fantastic experience.  We've met some wonderful people - future neighbours - and we can't wait until we also share that 3977 postcode. 


Hopefully the next Nearmap update won't be too far away.  We might even see our slab (or frame) in the next one!

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Janine Kimberley said...

Ooh you gotta love this Reinsey, its like watching a baby grow, now its in primary school, god help us when it reaches adolescence!!!

Debra said...

Look how far we've come, not even 12 months for us (May 2010) and we're almost in our new home, fingers crossed!

Here's for another year on - Reinsey, Janine, Tash, Jay etc....all settled and perhaps enjoying a Park?

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