January 31, 2012

Those who play along at home will remember that I had back surgery on November 3 - almost 3 months ago - and in that time things have changed A LOT in the orange house.

In these last 12 weeks, Loz and I have between us lost a total of 28kg and have gone from complete couch potatoes to a minimum of an hour exercise each day.  We also used to eat complete garbage, with 3 (and I'm embarrassed to say sometimes more) take-away dinners each week. AND we used to buy our lunch every work day - sometimes brekky too.

We feel SO amazingly healthy and full of energy now, and while Loz has reached his goal weight, I still have another 8, maybe 10 kilo to leave behind.

So...(and this is pretty confronting for me to post here on my house blog) ...I have signed up & committed to Michelle Bridges 12 week body transformation program, or 12WBT.

I am 100% committed to reaching my goals, but they don't just involve weight loss.  For me (us) this will reinforce the good habits we now have, and make sure we keep them for life.
I know this program will take hard work, but I am DETERMINED to see it through & give my back the best chance of a full recovery - by carrying around less of me!

If you want to follow my 12 week journey, you can find me over here.  We're currently in pre-season mode, with kick off in two weeks.  There's still time to join in you want to do something for yourself that could well turn out to be amazing.

Take care,
Reinsey, Raelene, RDub, whatever I'm called these days :)

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Tash said...

Wow both of you have already done so well.... Congrats guys, im sure it has been alot of hard work but totally worth it in the end... I will be following your journey and cheering you on Reinsey :)

Debra said...

So focussed - keep up the good work.

muneeb khatri said...

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