We've arrived!

August 9, 2011

Just a quick update coz I'm seriously busy at work after having a week off and Telstra have done their thing, meaning no internet at home yet.

I thought the build was emotional, but actually moving into this place we have created is so amazing - almost surreal.  We took the keys a week ago on Thursday and spend the next two days gently moving smaller items, painting a couple of feature walls and really just roaming from room to room pinching ourselves.

The actual move day was Saturday (last week) and man was that a day and a half. But by the time we used our double shower for the first time, we had set up all of the bedrooms and unpacked the kitchen.  The rest could wait.

Waking up in our new house was like being on holiday in a ritzy resort...until we got to the rooms that had boxes piled to the ceilings.  Arrrggghhhhh.

But now, 10 days later we reckon we've done pretty well, and most importantly, the fur kids have settled in which is a massive relief.

Anyway - here's a few piccies;
Jasper feature wall in one of the bedrooms
Feature wall in Dulux "Plantain"
The troublesome fireplace waiting for some paint!
Dining room through corner stackers to alfresco
Kitchen splashback window at night
The whole kitchen
Miss Bella staring through the window!
My Mum & Dad have been over both weekends and have been so unbelievably wonderfully amazing, putting up lights, towel rails, helping with the painting and just being grouse parents.  Love you both xxxxx

Landscaping is well underway and we're hoping to have our exposed aggregate driveway and paths poured later this week.

But the best bit is walking the fur kids around the estate and stopping to chat with neighbours, or having little pop in visits from fellow avenuers.  I love love love living here already :)

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B.J. said...

Congrats guys and fur-pets. The place looks amazing. Great job unpacking. Seriously looks like an expensive hotel :)

newbuild said...

Looks amazing! Gorgeous photos. Congrats guys...enjoy:)

Shayne said...

Big big big Congrats!!!!

All I can think about right now is painting - just need to get some energy to do it - your feature walls look fab :)

Looking forward to more pics soon!

PuzSol said...

Beautiful, love the feature walls and colours, looks so lovely. No picture of the pile of boxes (unpacked or waiting)? I hope you can forgive the fireplace for the delay... at least Melbourne is giving you an opportunity to use it!

Janine K said...

And I am seriously so glad we have someone else to call in on coz I didn't want Deb & John to get sick of us!!!

So pleased for you guys, the house looks so great already and you are both so welcoming every time we see you.

Looking forward to a long catch up soon. Keep on blogging!!!

Yam said...

Wow! and beautiful!!

Congratulations!!! Love those feature walls. Nice photographs. I thought Carlisle display homes are beautiful. This is very much better than them :)

Debra said...

So Telstra still coming??!! ROFL say's she who almost had a nervous breakdown over them!!!!!

You've done so well; house is beautiful, sparkling and new. 'Moving in' is surreal after months of construction....it's actually our home!!

Love the feature wall colours and fireplace; can't wait to see fired up next time I lounge on that gorgeous big breakfast bar taking it all in.

Bella at the front door, so cute; like BonBon she's not missing a trick. Permanent nose marks on that window!! So pleased you've stopped houdini.

It is lovely walking around the neighbourhood; just imagine summer.

Hey Janine, please don't feel guilty...gives the lackie a break.

Tash said...

WOW!!!! Everything looks so beautiful, and new and shinny, what a great Job you guys have done, love love love that fire place, looks stunning... Aww bella is so gorgeous.. I have missed your blogging, silly telstra get your bums into gear!!!

AlexandH said...

Wow! Superb! Looks great there and the deco touches are great, ours are going to come "real soon now" :).

Congratulations on the move in, we're still going thru the "where did I put..." and "where can I put...." with all our stuff and getting final bits sorted.

Enjoy the new spaciousness :), love your work ;).

Ajanta said...

your house looks really beautiful....love the fireplace and the feature walls.....

missed you blogging.... Welcome back!!!
A & A

Trace and Nath said...

Congratulations on the house. I have been checking in with your build from time to time and have enjoyed it through the ups and downs of the build. We are 3 weeks away from handover and it is so surreal to think we will be in this house we designed and visited every day. You have done a great job with the choices you have made and the finished product is stunning. Enjoy your wonderful home...Tracey

Lou and Neen said...

Looks amazing. Congrats!!

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