Colour my world...

April 12, 2010

Who knew there were SO many things to select colour-wise? We had a difficult enough time choosing which facade was more "us" (note: neither of those pictured has made the cut) and now, the prospect of choosing every minor detail is a tad overwhelming. There's barely a Porter Davis display home we haven't visited, all the while comparing wall colours, benchtops, tiles, door handles to little swatches and reams of catalogues. And with less than 2 weeks until our colour appointment, have we made any decisions?

Our bricks will either be dark brown (Mocha, Brown Terrain-ish), maybe Blue Rio or darker still, Espresso. We might go lighter too, La Mesa or Grey Nuance. Or just render her from top to bottom so we don't have to make a choice.

Her roof could be tiles, the striata profile thats flat with colour all the way through, or depending on $$ we might go for Colourbond. Anything from a dark Ironstone, Jasper or lighter Dune and Surfmist... really, we have no idea!!

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