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April 12, 2010

Who knew there were SO many things to select colour-wise? We had a difficult enough time choosing which facade was more "us" (note: neither of those pictured has made the cut) and now, the prospect of choosing every minor detail is a tad overwhelming. There's barely a Porter Davis display home we haven't visited, all the while comparing wall colours, benchtops, tiles, door handles to little swatches and reams of catalogues. And with less than 2 weeks until our colour appointment, have we made any decisions?

Our bricks will either be dark brown (Mocha, Brown Terrain-ish), maybe Blue Rio or darker still, Espresso. We might go lighter too, La Mesa or Grey Nuance. Or just render her from top to bottom so we don't have to make a choice.

Her roof could be tiles, the striata profile thats flat with colour all the way through, or depending on $$ we might go for Colourbond. Anything from a dark Ironstone, Jasper or lighter Dune and Surfmist... really, we have no idea!!

Happy LANDings

April 9, 2010

Next step: find somewhere to build aforementioned dream home.

The search had us scouring the internet, estate agent windows, driving aimlessly through neighborhoods on the off chance we might spot a vacant block, for sale or not. Energy input to the search was directly proportionate to frustration. If we could afford a block, the site costs would have made up another 50% of the purchase price, or the council had such strict building codes that Marina wouldn't have been allowed. The search seemed to go on for months. All weekend, weeknights on the way home from work, on the internet until all hours. In reality it was only a few weeks with the location comfort zone stretching wider by the day. Our PD salesperson was incredibly helpful and suggested a few blocks in Botanic Ridge. Where? Oh, Cranbourne South. Well, thanks, but thats a very long way away for us, so we'll just keep on looking.

In desperation we actually went to see these blocks (read - tricked the other half into meeting me down there)and wow. It might be a long way away, but these new estates really are beautifully well done. And as much as we like living where we do, it's actually pretty nice out here. Everything is new. The gardens are well landscaped. The houses are in harmony and it kind of looks like the Delfin ads on TV where everyone is out walking their dog or playing with their kids.

So we're softening on the whole Cranbourne thing. And along comes a brand new release of land at The Avenue at Casey. Large(ish) block by new estate standards, Flat and easy to build on. Definitely in budget. Shops very near by. Public transport, tertiary schools, open space - SOLD.

Now we have to wait for our paddock to title....

Once upon a time... a tiny mountain-side cottage, there lived a slightly strange but very content couple. Their blended family of six children were either grown up and independent or living with their other parent. So when the time came to enter the property market together, they found a perfect 3 bedroom home with city views, 1/3 acre of native gardens and a modest outdoor living area for their fur-kids to enjoy.

Ahhh... life was blissful.

And then, one by one, the chicks returned to the nest.

Very soon, their perfect 3 bedroom home with city views became seriously crowded and as they loved the location so much, an extension and renovation seemed the most logical solution. "I've got an idea" he said to his woman. "Lets go looking at display homes to get ideas of what we can do to our place".

Now any intelligent woman knows, that you don't just go looking at display houses - you fall in love with them. And that is exactly what happened. From the moment they entered the Porter Davis Marina 42, a new romance began. Five bedrooms with semi-ensuites to the 4 minor bedrooms upstairs. An amazing informal living area that beckons you to follow the bi-fold doors out into the alfresco. A private master suite downstairs (as the slightly strange couple aren't getting any younger)and an impressive 2 storey void with open staircase in the entry foyer. And although the couple looked at almost every display home in the state of Victoria, once they had their hearts set on Marina, there was no turning back.

Stay tuned for the next instalment... Happy LANDings
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